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CTRL FREQS is for the children! Listen to our custom track "Protect Ya Noggin" for The US CPSC's latest Public Safety Campaign.

The federal agency responsible for promoting the safety of consumer products has tasked CTRL FREQS & Assemble Sound with making it cool again to wear your helmet. With head injuries amongst young people on the rise due to skate, scooter, and biking accidents, the safety agency aims to spread awareness to the younger demographic through head nodding tracks.

CTRL FREQS has taken on the challenge, creating "Protect Ya Noggin", a face-scrunching Hip Hop track laced with hard-hitting female rap vocals delivering the message "When you're in these streets, take caution / Protect ya neck and ya noggin".

The US CPSC also wanted to make sure the message did not miss the growing Spanish-speaking demographic, leading CTRL FREQS to create both English and Spanish versions of the track.

Listen Below & Check out U.S. CPSC's full album here:

Protect Ya Noggin (English)

Protect Ya Noggin (Español)


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